About the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation

The Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation works to raise awareness and funding for the unmet needs of the Alaska Tribal Health System. That’s why we support key initiatives that deliver sustainable, effective and culturally relevant health care, from providing improvements at medical facilities that serve Alaska Native people, to supporting wellness and prevention programs that impact Alaska Native populations, to advancing healthy village environments around Alaska. By facing the greatest health challenges head on, we can lead healthy lifestyles and avoid chronic health issues. We believe that health care truly goes beyond treating those who are sick — we want to help Alaskans stay out of the hospital in the first place.

By working collaboratively toward the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world, we can improve lives and inspire good health.

The Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation’s (HANF’s) purpose is to support Alaska Native people, Tribes, and Tribal Health Organizations in pursuit of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC’s) vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest in the world. HANF does this through board led, donor-centric fundraising and grant making in support of Alaska Native people under four initiatives:

  • Healthy Patients includes areas such as behavioral health, cancer care, palliative care, emergency clothing, and education.
  • Healthy Kids includes areas such as child life specialists, camps, family and birthing services, and toy funds for Alaska Native children.
  • Healthy Communities includes areas such as community wellness and prevention, dental health, elder care, and healthy homes.
  • Area of Greatest Need

Based on the needs of Alaska Native people, preference is given to projects that align with HANF’s current priorities: improved access to care, children, behavioral health, and rural healthcare.

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